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The challenges currently facing the sector

For many years the UK has struggled with talent shortages throughout the economy, with Hospitality and Healthcare particularly hard hit. Following the decision to leave the European Union and the ending of free movement, this problem has become very acute, as the country no longer has access to skilled migrant workers. The global pandemic has further exacerbated these challenges, as many workers changed career, further depleting these sectors.

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Our Overseas Talent Solution

Our mission to solve the skills shortages in the UK sector

Talent where you need it, when you need it.

Our Overseas Talent Solution

Workforce has a unique solution to deliver skilled overseas candidate placements; our innovative model sources the best talent from all around the world and relocates these workers to the UK to start working for our clients as ‘visa sponsored employees’, where they quickly begin to make a positive impact on performance. We are very proud to partner with many of the country’s top companies, offering a highly sophisticated solution to address the UK’s growing shortage of skilled workers.

We can source a wide range of skilled candidates, from Chefs at all levels of experience, to Food & Beverage management, Therapists and General Management, Social Worker, Support Worker, Residential Care Worker, Community Support, Registered Nurse, Dental Nurse, Allied Healthcare Professionals, Physiotherapist and Healthcare Assistants

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Relocation is an important key in our “ Overseas Talent Solution” program

Relocating for work can be a big upheaval, meaning it’s absolutely vital for our candidates to have a secure job along with safe and affordable accommodation. Part of our solution is to support our candidates in finding accommodation, throughout the UK. These candidates are sponsored by our client, and their employer, and have financially invested in paying for their visa to come to the UK.

Visa Sponsorship & Legal Support (if required)

The Visa Sponsorship process can be time consuming and arduous, with many companies feeling like they need support to ensure full compliance with all Home Office regulations. Workforce have built a solid partnership with a leading UK immigration law firm, who can offer legal guidance to any business looking to hire from overseas. This can be light touch support to audit and check existing processes, right the way through to a more hands-on relationship, where they are assigned as the Level 1 user on a firm’s sponsorship license.

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