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Relocating and onshoring your candidates

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Relocating and onshoring your candidates

It can be daunting when you have lots of job vacancies but a lack of candidates that fit the profile. As the demand for skilled workers continues to increase, more companies are finding that they do not have enough employees to fill these new roles. This is why organisations are now rethinking how they hire the talent they need, by opening themselves up to an untapped and limitless pool of international candidates.

We can help you to relocate your new talent from the UK, Europe, Asia and beyond. Whether your new candidates need flights, accommodation or sponsorships, we will be there to support you and them no matter the size of your company or the number of people that you need to hire.

Solutions Overview

Our tried and tested recruitment solutions are designed to help you recruit, relocate and retain the best candidates.

Relocation is an important key in our “ Overseas Talent Solution” program

Relocating for work can be a big upheaval, meaning it’s absolutely vital for our candidates to have a secure job along with safe and affordable accommodation. Part of our solution is to support our candidates in finding accommodation, throughout the UK. These candidates are sponsored by our client, and their employer, and have financially invested in paying for their visa to come to the UK.

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