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Steps to take to get a hospitality job with little to no experience

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There are plenty of roles related to hospitality but the main thing that comes to mind when thinking about the industry is a people-facing job.
The industry’s main goal is to provide a great experience and good customer service to people in various of its branches such as food & beverage, holiday resorts, and lodging. To enjoy your job and be great at it, you will definitely need to possess interpersonal skills and enjoy working with people from different backgrounds.

The hospitality industry is one of the few industries that is always looking for fresh and young talent, who want to be trained! All you will need is to have a great attitude and an open mind!

So, let’s say you have no experience to include in your CV but will still need a CV to apply for the job. You can still make your CV stand out from the crowd. You can add school and personal activities that you have done and can demonstrate that you have what it takes to work in the industry. Think of teamwork or a strong work ethic.

Below are some ideas that can be added to your CV:

1. Foreign languages you studied or you might know from home. This is a great skill when working in holiday resorts or tourist areas.
2. Sports activities, music groups you played in, or even clubs you joined. These activities are proof that you can work hard and be a member of the team.
3. Volunteer work you might have done. Fundraising, organizing events & open days, or assisting church/charity events are all transferable skills. These skills will demonstrate your ability to organise events and deal with a great number of people, which in turn is a big part of the business.
4. Subjects you studied in school. You can include any economics, cooking, or food & beverage classes that you might have taken. Employers will always appreciate people who are investing time in their education.

In addition to your CV, you can always practice at home some of the below skills required in hospitality.

1. Carrying a tray full of glasses or plates is a skill that you will need to learn and you will get better at it in time. By practicing it at home, you will feel more comfortable to do when all eyes will be on you.
2. Your own customer service style will be your main skill. In fact, is the only thing that will matter. Customer service skills will always be refined with practice, over time, but you can start to practice it at parties or even when going out with friends.
3. Start practicing making beds, tidying your own room, and reading the cleaning products’ instructions and warning labels. Employers will always look for people with knowledge about cleaning products and an eye for detail.

Although, the hospitality industry is open to hiring people with little to no experience Most professionals in this industry work their way up from entry-level positions to higher management roles.

Do you think that hospitality is the industry you would love to work and thrive in? We at Workforce People Solutions have hundreds of roles to choose from. We have entry-level roles but also roles suitable for the more experienced employee!

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