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Workforce Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions


1 Introduction

1.1 We have introduced a referral scheme which enables all *eligible candidates (reference 4.1) to earn £50 – £250 when they introduce a friend, family member or other personal contact to the Company (“the referred person”) as a job applicant and are subsequently employed by us as a result of that introduction.


2 Referral Scheme

2.1 Eligible candidates can take part in our Workforce Referral Scheme and are able to earn a £50 – £250 bonus.
2.2 There is no limit on the number of person referrals that an individual can make.
2.3 However, where a previously referred person under this scheme leaves our employment and is subsequently referred again then no bonus is payable.
2.4 If the referred person is already registered within our database, the referrer will not be eligible to earn the £50 – £250 bonus.
2.5 All candidates referred will be qualified by a member of our Recruitment Team and only qualified referrals, will be eligible to be processed under the referral scheme.
2.6 Candidate will be considered as qualified if he poses necessary skill, experience and personal attributes in a trade needed at the given time by an Agency. (ROLES)

2.7 If you refer a friend or family member who starts work in one of our permanent roles, you could earn yourself £50 – £250 once they have worked for 12 weeks.


3 Referral Process

3.1 The referring person should at the time of submission fill out our lead form and provide personal details such as name, surname, position and phone number of the referred candidate.
3.2 All referral applications will be treated in the strictest confidence. The recruitment and selection process is also confidential and therefore the referrer will not be given any information about the progress of the referred person’s job application.
3.3 The candidate referral scheme does not enable a referred person to bypass normal recruitment procedures. The recruitment process will continue to comply with the provisions of the Company’s equal opportunities policy and will be conducted in such a way as to result in the selection of the most suitable person for the job in terms of relevant experience, abilities and qualifications. This may mean that the job is offered to someone other than the referred person.
3.4 Where the referred person’s application is successful, commences employment and complete initial period of 4 weeks satisfactory employment, the referrer will qualify to earn the £50 – £250 referral bonus.


4 Eligibility and Payment of Bonus

4.1 Both current candidates and people who haven’t engaged with The Company before are eligible to make a referral.
4.2 Only one bonus (i.e. initial and the final bonus) will be paid for each referred person recruited. If more than one candidate refers the same successful job applicant, the bonus will be paid to the employee whose referral application is received first.
4.3 Availability of the Workforce Referral Scheme is entirely at the Company’s discretion. The Company reserves the right, at any time, to change the applicable amount, to amend the terms and condition of the scheme or to completely withdraw the scheme.



5.1. Candidate who is willing to refer a friend, family member or other personal contact needs to receive permission from a referred person to share his personal data with the Company and the Company will not accept any liability in case of any data breach.

5.2. The Company will ask for a permission to use and store personal data during a qualifying call and if the permission will not be given, the person who referred the candidate will not be able to take part in Referral Scheme.

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