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6 Reasons why you should be working in Healthcare

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Have you been thinking about starting a career in healthcare but are unsure if it’s a right fit for you?

Have you previously worked in healthcare, and are considering returning?

If you are a naturally empathetic, caring person and have a passion for helping people, then working in a role where these qualities are essential could be perfect for you.

Still not convinced? Here are six reasons why you should consider a career in healthcare!

1. Rapidly growing industry

Due to the ageing population of the UK, healthcare is expected to be the largest growing industry over the next 10 years.

The NHS alone employs 1.7 million people across the UK, making it the 5th largest employer in the world and the only UK institution to make it into the top 10.

Statistics show that approximately 1.2 million staff work for the NHS, and 1.1 million work in social care for adults. In fact, approximately 78% of social care positions are in the independent sector.

For these reasons, roles within the industry are plentiful and competitively marketed to attract new people to the sector.

2. Healthcare workers are currently in very high demand

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the NHS had faced a shortage in staff, with the shortage of nurses sitting at approximately 50,000.

The pandemic has left hospitals and care facilities overrun. Not only due to the influx of new patients but also because of staff having to self-isolate, they are now unable to cope and crying out for staff.

The Covid Pandemic has brought attention to the importance of healthcare workers in society. Right now, in adult social care approximately 1 in 10 social worker and 1 in 11 care worker roles are reported to be vacant. We can expect the demand for healthcare assistants and support workers will continue grow from now on.

3. Roles are available to suit all skills.

Believe it or not, you do not always need a university degree to work in healthcare, in fact, many entry level roles don’t have any mandatory qualifications in order to apply. This industry is, in fact, a broad field with a varied range of positions. In addition to care specific roles, much of the sector are also in desperate need of non-clinical support staff, such as admin roles, technicians, and cleaners.

One of the most in demand positions at the moment is for Healthcare Assistants, and this is a great entry level position as most roles have no set entry requirements! You will be expected to have good literacy and numeracy skills and some employers may require some experience; however, a lot of employers do offer full training!

The same applies for Support Worker positions, dependant on the employer, you can be fully trained and even put through
courses to gain qualifications!

4. Making a positive impact

No matter what position you hold in the industry, each task you complete will help somebody. Even if you haven’t directly treated a patient, each decision you make will have been made with a person’s best interests at heart.

Working in healthcare is the perfect way to meet your desire to help others and develop a true vocation whilst also earning a competitive salary.

5. It is a challenging adventure

Working in healthcare can be a very rewarding venture, but it isn’t without its challenges. Don’t let the challenges put you off though, this is a real opportunity to build upon your capabilities and develop new skills across a wide range of areas. These could include personal care, de-escalation strategies, medical practice, understanding of a variety of different conditions and exposure to treatment strategies.

Healthcare is a fast-paced vocation and in all honesty, you will never have a dull day, be prepared for the unexpected! You are going to meet so many amazing people from all walks of life, and you will never stop learning new things.

6. Great pay and benefits

The healthcare industry doesn’t only comprise of the NHS, the UK also has a huge demand for jobs in the Private Sector.

The NHS currently has one of the UK’s best pension schemes and also has some other great benefits as well! Pay enhancements to reward out-of-hours work is one benefit you can expect. You can also expect to have an annual personal development review to help you to achieve your career aspirations.

Many private care providers also have a range of great benefits including free health screenings and life insurance alongside bonuses such as a generous holiday allowances and flexibility in working hours.

If any of these reasons have convinced you that healthcare is for you then we want to hear from you! Call the team today for a non-obligation chat about your career in healthcare.

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